Thursday, 8 January 2015

Three Word Wednesday - Electric, Passionate and Savage (A Short Story)

This post is for Three Word Wednesday

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I was only few meters away from my house when I saw an electric spark and the transformer I drove past blew up with a loud noise. All the street lights went off and there were no lights in any of the houses on that street. The entire street turned pitch dark. The headlights of my car helped me reach home. I somehow managed to reach the doorsteps of my house. I knew my wife and son would be asleep. I was looking for keys in my bag when the door opened and what I saw surprised me. There stood a lady, not my wife. She was holding a candle light. Her face looked familiar but I was unable to recognize her. She bent down to look at the young boy standing next to her. She gave him a passionate stroke on his head. The boy smiled. She then turned to me. Her eyes suddenly turned big and red. Her face turned savage.

I opened my eyes and found my wife staring at me. I felt as if I was sleeping my whole life.
"Are you alright now?" She asked.
"What happened? Why did you faint when I opened the door yesterday night?" She kept questioning.
I didn't remember a thing.
"You were shivering whole night yesterday. Dr. Amit, our neighbor administered an injection to calm you down. How are feeling now?" She kept talking.
"Let me get you coffee" she said and left without waiting for my answers.

As any other day I got up from my bed and picked up the newspaper lying on the table. I flipped through the pages. The photos of a woman and a child caught my attention. "Woman and son hit by speeding truck" read the headlines. Yes, they were the same whom I had let to die on the roads the previous night. I stared at the photos. The boy smiled while the woman's eyes turned big and red again.


  1. that is savage indeed !

  2. Spooky!! Some times this is the best punishment in case of a hit and run :D

  3. ooh scary story. The guilt should haunt him hopefully he'll turn himself in and be punished some more.