Tuesday, 6 January 2015

A promise kept - Poem

This post is written for Three Word Wednesday

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Bidding her good bye
He promised to be back
Very very soon
And she trusted him

There was a thunder
When he stepped out
He looked above
To find a cloudy sky

That was no hinder
And he wandered out
He had a promise to keep
And looked all resolute

Rain poured down
Which worried her now
He was out there
Alone in dark with the weather so bad

He came back home
Looking shabby and completely soaked
He released his fist clenched so hard
and revealed that shining thing

He was jovial
While she looked troubled
"Thank you brother!"
She hugged and said

Within the shining paper 
Was a chocolate small
She broke it into two
To give her little brother the bigger piece

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