Monday, 2 February 2015

Shopaholic To The Stars by Sophie Kinsella - Book Review

A chick lit by Sophie Kinsella, the seventh and latest in the Shopaholic Series. I have enjoyed  all the other books in this series and so picked this up. Was I disappointed? Read further to know.

Story Highlight: Becky lands up in Hollywood with her husband Luke and daughter Minnie. She nurtures the dream to make a mark in Hollywood, to become a famous wardrobe designer. She gets into the limelight for reasons both right and wrong. Becky's friend Suze and her family arrive in Hollywood for a vacation. And then follows her father for a very mysterious reason. Will Becky's dreams come in the way of her family and friends?

My Review: Sophie Kinsella has her own style when it comes to humour and if you are her fan you will surely like the book. Some parts do get boring and you feel like flipping through the pages. Otherwise, I would say it's a good relaxing read. Becky, as in other books is silly at times and smart sometimes. The ending has that nail-biting touch to it. Then you realize it's a cliff hanger. So will there be a Part 2 is a question? Overall, I liked it and I am waiting for Part 2 if there is going to be one.

My Rating: 3 Out of 5

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