Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Eternal Love? - A poem

Eternal Love? - A poem

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Your oozing richness

Heavenly sweetness

Lures me

 My eternal love

"Stop!" head screams

"Go race!" orders heart, the clever one

I hold to feel

Softness smooth

Moment next

Piece of you

Missing from plate

Slips into mouth

Becomes my aide

In the journey to fat

Our Love-Hate bond

Persists forever

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Meetings - A Short Story

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Meetings - A Short Story

My new bike halted just in front of her with a screeching sound. She looked lovely in the red dress, a tinge of it's colour on her face. She smiled sweetly as she sat on the bike behind me. Without talking a word we drove around the empty streets of the city. The city was decorated and lighted only for us. When the sea invited us, we danced together floating in it's water. We laughed insanely and our laughter echoed. The day ended with a special dinner. We dined together on moon.

She had just reached home when her phone beeped. She knew it was a message from him and she was right.
"Thanks for coming, Darling!" She read it aloud and smiled.
She replied to his message. "My pleasure! How about coffee at my place today?"
"Hmmm, nice idea!" He responded.
"See you soon then!" She replied and rushed to her bedroom.

I was ready in my best dress. A fragrance spread across everywhere and I knew he was at the door. We sipped coffee slowly looking into each other's eyes. Then we walked along the beach, hand in hand. We roamed around in the forest watching lions, tigers, elephants and deer. We flew together, landing in a flamboyant island and chased each other playfully. Exhausted, we lied down on the exotic bed beneath the sky. We talked all night watching the bright stars and trying to count them.

She woke up feeling fresh. She took her phone and messaged him.
"It was a lovely meeting as usual!"
"Tell me all about it" He replied.

They were separated by distance. But neither of them had any grievance over their long distance relationship. They held their meetings in their dreams, slipping from actuality to dreams and back to actuality as per their wish. The dreamscapes they created for themselves were wonderful and beyond the magical world of fairy tales. They lived their lives in dreams, controlling them.

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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Five Sentence Fiction - Villainous

This post is written for Five Sentence Fiction and the word is villainous


In the dead of night, she pushed open the mansion doors and ran without looking back.

Her villainous kidnapper had locked her in his mansion for days and she was running away from him.

The real trouble started when she started falling for him and he loved her too.

She wanted to end their forbidden love.

After all, she was an angel and he a demon.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Elixir of life - Flash Fiction

This post is written for Three Word Wednesday

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They had acquired the magic potion, a potion to prevent them from ageing and enable them to live forever. "We will never wilt." He said joyfully, holding the bottle with the potion. He expressed his desire to drink it first. She agreed gleefully. As he sipped the potion, he felt it already working. He was feeling vibrant. He drank exact half from the bottle and looked at her playfully. She beamed and reached for the bottle. He dropped the bottle and spilled rest of the potion. "I am sorry." He said with a wicked smile. "It's time to part ways" He said still smiling wickedly. All of a sudden, a shiver ran through his body and he fell down to the ground. She stood bewildered. Neither of them knew that it was a potion to be taken as a couple, and not alone.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Shopaholic To The Stars by Sophie Kinsella - Book Review

A chick lit by Sophie Kinsella, the seventh and latest in the Shopaholic Series. I have enjoyed  all the other books in this series and so picked this up. Was I disappointed? Read further to know.

Story Highlight: Becky lands up in Hollywood with her husband Luke and daughter Minnie. She nurtures the dream to make a mark in Hollywood, to become a famous wardrobe designer. She gets into the limelight for reasons both right and wrong. Becky's friend Suze and her family arrive in Hollywood for a vacation. And then follows her father for a very mysterious reason. Will Becky's dreams come in the way of her family and friends?

My Review: Sophie Kinsella has her own style when it comes to humour and if you are her fan you will surely like the book. Some parts do get boring and you feel like flipping through the pages. Otherwise, I would say it's a good relaxing read. Becky, as in other books is silly at times and smart sometimes. The ending has that nail-biting touch to it. Then you realize it's a cliff hanger. So will there be a Part 2 is a question? Overall, I liked it and I am waiting for Part 2 if there is going to be one.

My Rating: 3 Out of 5

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Perfect Pair! - A poem

From God's abode
Unknown to Him
You slipped away
To come to me

Our first meet
A flickering heart beat
Raced my heart
At the sight of you

The long wait though
Never ending it seemed
One precious day
We met eye to eye

Each day with you
Cherished by me
I am happy now
like never before

You and me
Are a perfect pair
I think so
What do you say?

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Three Word Wednesday - cold, depraved, powerful

This post is for Three Word Wednesday.

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It was a cold dark night. The street was buzzing with people. She had turned back couple of times to look at him and their eyes had met. He was huge, dressed in jacket, sweatpants, with a black hood over his head. His face looked depraved. She felt he was following her. She was on her way to deposit money in the hospital for her mother's surgery. Her handbag contained all her hard earned money. She held her handbag closer to her and increased her pace. She slipped and fell down with a loud thud. Her handbag slipped off her hand, dropping to the pavement. People around looked at her with pity. She felt two powerful hands on her shoulders helping her to get back on her feet. "Take care, young lady." He said, handing her the handbag. The black hooded man walked away giving her a polite smile.